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The Al Jazeera English digital monthly magazine showcases the very best of Al Jazeera’s journalism from across the globe.

It features compelling documentaries that bring human stories into focus and highlight the use and abuse of power, hard-hitting debate and interview shows that dissect the most pressing issues of the day and ask challenging questions of those in positions of influence, in-depth feature articles and expert analysis and opinion, as well as on-the-ground perspectives and insights from our team of correspondents across the world – all illustrated with powerful photography and interactive graphics that bring the story to life at the fingertips of the user.

The magazine will introduce the reader to the full depth and breadth of Al Jazeera’s coverage – enabling them to discover, explore and consume it in the way that best suits them.

Al Jazeera English’s in-depth approach to journalism has won it numerous awards and plaudits over the years. It is the current RTS News Channel of the Year and Freesat Best News Channel. In the last year, Al Jazeera English has also picked up the Columbia Journalism award, a DuPont award and a George Polk award.

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